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Homestead Exemption

Louisiana Special
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Industrial Tax Exemption

Louisiana’s ten-year industrial tax exemption law provides that any manufacturing establishment entering Louisiana, or any manufacturing establishment expanding its Louisiana facilities is eligible to receive exemption on buildings and equipment from state, parish, and local property taxes for a period of ten years. The exemption is for the “contract” value of buildings or equipment used by the business. When the exemption expires, the property is to be placed on the tax roll at 15% of its then current market value.

In those cases where the eligibility of an applicant to receive tax exemption is in doubt, the Board of Commerce and Industry applies the following criteria:

  1. That the subject industry is manifestly manufacturing;

  2. That it creates employment

  3. That it is in the best interest of the state to approve said exemption; and

  4. That it conforms to all rules of the Board

For additional information regarding this exemption contact:

Louisiana Department of Economic Development
Office of Commerce and Industry
P. O. Box 9185
Baton Rouge, LA 70804

Telephone (504) 342-9218


Although our office strives to ensure the accuracy and authenticity of this information, this information is provided for your convenience only. This information is given without recourse or warranty, and should not be relied upon for any legal purpose, including, but not limited to ownership, tax consequences, flood status, or any other purpose.
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